1. How to use Clotto?
Shake the can and, after removing the cap, spray liberally from the distance of about 15cms; cover the wounded area uniformly. Repeat the application if needed, allowing few seconds for the liquid medium to evaporate. Once the liquid evaporates it leaves a thin layer of dry, white to creamy coloured powder on the treated surface.

2. How does Clotto work?
When sprayed, Clotto mixes with blood and speeds up the normal clotting action of the blood which helps in stopping the bleeding quickly. The layer formed is gradually absorbed by the tissues usually within 2 to 7 days.

3. After usage of Clotto, can the wound be exposed to water?
Once Clotto is sprayed on the wound, wait for it to be completely dried. Only then, is one allowed to come in contact with water, if necessary.

4. When can I use Clotto?
Clotto stops bleeding caused from cuts, abrasions and lacerations. It is also ideal for all those situations where one puts a 'bandage' to cover a wound or to stop bleeding but with Clotto there is no painful peeling off of 'bandage'.

5. Are there any side effects on using Clotto?
There are no side effects on using Clotto. This can also be used by all age groups.