1. Can Laryspray be used without a doctorís prescription?
Yes, you can use Laryspray as it is approved by FDA and the formulation is available as over the counter medication in many countries.

2. How to use Laryspray?
Laryspray is provided with a nozzle. Point the spray nozzle towards the oral cavity and press the spray actuator to deliver the product.

3. Does Laryspray cure throat infection?
Laryspray contains chlorhexidine which is an antiseptic that helps fight infections.

4. How often do I need to use Laryspray?
Adults and children above 12 yrs of age: 3-5 sprays, 6-10 times a day

5. Does Laryspray treat tonsillitis?
Laryspray provides symptomatic relief from pain due to tonsillitis. It is evidenced in different clinical studies that Lidocaine can decrease pain and Chlorhexidine can decrease the clinical sign of tonsillitis. Consult your doctor if there is severe pain in throat with fever, as you may require oral antibiotics to take care of infection.

6. Does Laryspray cure cough & cold?
Yes, Laryspray is beneficial in cough and cold. Lidocaine has been evaluated in various trials as a spray to suppress cough. It has also been used to reduce the incidence of postoperative sore throat, cough, and hoarseness of voice. It produces rapid cough suppression via bronchial anesthesia. Dry cough is commonly seen in patients with running nose due to post-nasal drip. Lidocaine by its anaesthetic action, suppresses the irritation and cough.

7. Can Laryspray be used by persons who are also suffering from other ailments such as Diabetics, Heart problems, Cancer etc.
Yes, Laryspray can be used by diabetic patients since it is sugar-free.It can also be used by cancer patients & those with heart problems but it is advisable for the heart patients to consult your physician before the use of any kind of OTC medication including Laryspray.

8. Can Laryspray help persons who have got sore throat after talking for 8 hrs non-stop at a conference? (do they need to use it only when they have an infection)
It can be used by anyone who is having troublesome sore throat due to talking or shouting even if there is no associated infection. Laryspray contains Lidocaine which is a local pain killer, and relieves painful, irritated sore throats.